ISO 45001
Occupational health and safety management systems

What is ISO 45001

ISO 9001 is the most widely used international ISO Standard. ISO 9001 specifies the basic requirements that an Organization should follow in order to provide quality services to its customers. ISO 9001 is based on seven quality management principles: Customer focus, Responsibilities of the Management, participation of human resources on work-flow processes, procedural approach of the work-flow, continuous improvement, documented decision-making and mutual-benefit relationships with the suppliers.

Target Audience

The requirements of ISO 9001 are generic and are applicable to companies and organisations of all types, regardless of their size, activity and sector.

The benefits are

The main objective of ISO 9001 is to improve the overall performance of the Organization and create a strong foundation for sustainable development initiatives. The implementation of ISO 9001 evaluates the overall framework of operation of an organization so that it aims at the customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 increases the productivity and profitability of the Organization within the respective legislative and regulatory frameworks and identifies risks and opportunities for improvement. In many cases, ISO 9001 is a prerequisite for the participation of an Organization in tenders and agreements with other organisations.


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